About Us

About Us

Our Vision

Demystify, clarify & personify the digital world.

Ready to build a relationship with your customers on social media? Trying to figure out what this magical algorithm looks like? Let’s get started, remove the mystery, and start connecting.

Our Mission 

Being on Brand’s mission is empowering you to connect directly with your customers by using all the digital tools and resources to create and foster conversation. This is done through services that:

Demystify the social media experience,

Clarify the relationship between your brand and your customers,

Personify your brand’s interactions in the digital world!

It’s important, to me, that clients know and understand the key metrics that drive growth in their digital space.  We do this together by evaluating, testing, and measuring for continued understanding, engagement, and growth.

About the Founder

Brettina Davis is the founder of Being on Brand. She has worked tirelessly in the digital space for over 5 years to more effectively and creatively connect businesses and their clients together.  Her expertise includes social media strategy, content creation & curation, keyword research, analytics, and brand tone development. As a UW-Stout alumnus, she recognizes the universities impact on her career path. With a BA in Psychology and a minor in Cognitive Neuroscience, her dream is to utilize EEG neuroscience technology to read consumer brain waves and emotional responses for marketing purposes. In her spare time Brettina likes to write, blog, exercise, read, and spend time with family and friends.

Learn more on our homepage or email me at brettina@beingonbrand.com!